Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Are Still Alive

Ok. So, we need to first apologize. We are sorry that we have not been blogging for a long time. The main reason is that we hate you all. No, but seriously, our internet is not strong enough to upload videos and pictures. Right now, we are sitting in a little tea house, enjoying some delish drinks and free internet. So, where should we start?
The picture to the right may look like a discusting, deseased, cement/tile bathtub, but it is not! It represents an hour of relaxing, purely natureal hotspring... just it is rerouted to the tub by pipes (sort of natural). However the relaxation was not the best part. The host of this trip was our host mom, Jou Ma Ma, and she was next door with our good friend Molly. Little bit of info, in Taiwan swim suits are not usually needed aparently.... poor Molly... After we heard Jou Ma Ma give Molly an hour long Chinese lesson we began to hear slapping. Later that night, Molly delightfully explained to us, that the noise we heard was her slapping Jou Ma Ma's back. Aparently, this is some sort of muscle relaxer, and is a must after sitting in the hotsprings. What a night.

So when it rains here in Taiwan, it RAINS!!!! Laura has gone to work many times looking like she had peed her pants down to her ankles. Yes, the ponchos we are wearing on the right may look like they would keep us dry, but they really are just good for making us look cool and cutting our bodies off from all oxygen.

One beautiful Saturday, we went on an adventure to "Something" Memorial Hall. It was was there that we found the Abraham Lincoln of Taiwan. We would tell you his name but it is the same name in the title of the place... It was also here that we realized Taiwanese people don't like to smile in pictures. So, Zach tried to make up for all of their sad faces. You can't see it but behind Laura there are a lot of Taiwanese looking at Zach weirdly. It was a really fun place to explore. The walls the building were HUGE! The day we went there was also some sort of marching band/military practice on the grounds. They were really fun to watch.

Another great adventure we went was to a small place called Window On China. It was a small theme park with a bunch of miniatures of world landmarks. Such as the Statue of Liberty, The Great Wall of China, The White House, and so on. If you want to see more of our pictures just look at

In conclusion, we wanted to show you a little video of some fun things we have seen and done this last month. We love you all. Thanks for your prayers


kylee said...

So wonderful. Miss you guys so much!

Nate said...

Oh man...that roller coaster looks so AWESOME!!!

meganleiann said...

Wow. Bon Jovi is just that awesome...with any accent.