Friday, September 12, 2008

Vivian is Her Name and Speed is Her Game

Well, our dreams have finally come true. Laura and I have been looking for a scooter to buy since we have arrived here in Taiwan. When Laura told me stories about the traffic here, I was not so sure about driving a scooter. Once we were here and I saw it for myself, it was not as intimidating as I thought it would be. We talked to our friend Terry about our desire for a scooter, and asked where a good place to buy one would be. He said there was a guy in the church who owned a scooter shop, and he would introduce us to him. That Sunday we talked to him about buying a scooter. By the end of the conversation he had offered us a scooter to borrow for the year... FOR FREE!!! THE PEOPLE HERE ARE SO NICE!!! Now we just had to wait a few weeks while he had it all worked out for us.
On Tuesday of this week Terry called me and said the scooter was ready to be picked up. So he picked me up at our place and we started our epic ride to the scooter shop. The ride that I thought was only going to take twenty minutes tops, ended up taking almost three hours. Apparently the scooter shop is on the opposite side of Taipei City from where we live. It was a good crash course on riding a scooter in Taiwan. I had to ride back home, following the experienced Terry (with a helmet that bobbled around my head with every bump).

We have had her now for four days, and she has become apart of our family. We named her Vivian. She is a sweet ride. So far we have rode her on nice days and crazy rain storms with our beautiful yellow garbage bag like ponchos on. It only costs three dollars to fill her up and she gets us where we need to go way faster then the bus system can. So here are pictures of her all you people demanding pictures.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Vlog 9

Please know Taiwan, we are not laughing at you. We are laughing with you.