Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Last Taiwanese Blog

It is hard to believe that it is our last day in Taiwan. This year has gone so fast. It feels just it was just yesterday that we were telling people about our adventure we were preparing for to Taiwan. To celebrate our last Taiwanese Blog, we thought we would make a Top 10 list of the most memorable things. This is not a serious list. This is the funny list. Unfortunately, each story would take a long time to tell. So, we are just providing the list. If you would like to hear a specific story from this list, ask us to tell you the next time you see us.

Top 10 Most Memorial Things

10. Long live the 80's!

9. "You married? So young!!!!....... Do you have baby?"

8. Taiwan's one traffic rule: Don't get hit by a bus/don't die.

7. City-wide Practice of... "China is invading!!!"

6. Company Mascots (Please ask to see our debit cards)

5. Random conversations with strangers.

4. Medical advice from strangers (after a physical examination in Starbucks)

3. The Opera Tennis Player

2. Communication issues.... (the purchasing of a mahjong set)

and our most memorable thing is...... (imagine a drum roll)

1. The MOS Burger Stare Down!

Thank you for praying for us this year. We have been truly blessed this year, and please continue to follow us, on our blog, as we begin the next chapter of our lives.

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