Monday, May 18, 2009

Things We've Been Doing

Our wonderful host family took us to a fun city called Ying-Ge. While there, we were able to eat some amazing food. Including (as pictured) our delicious pouch of green stuff with a huge oyster in the middle, fresh and fried cut up mushrooms, cooked robin eggs, graded taro, and some sour/bitter plum juice. Talk about a feast. This place is well known for its history in pottery. There were many shops set up to let visitors make their own potter or just buy it. Laura and Essence felt that it was the perfect day to make something.

Just like riding a bike. Laura was the master of the wheel. They were able to make two pieces, and any day now we should get them in the mail, glazed and ready to use. They both had a lot of fun making their creations. The owner of the shop was talking to someone about Laura, while she worked, but we don't know Chinese so we can only hope that it was good. The rest of the day was great. We were able to walk around and see some amazing pottery. We finished the trip off with a good meal then headed home.

It is not often that we both get a whole day off together. So when those kind of days come around, we make the most of them. This was one of the most beautiful Saturdays we have had in Taiwan. Zach decided to take Laura on a date. We got some lunch and ate it in the park. Then we relaxed for a little while as we walked through the park. Then we were able to do something we had wanted to do for a long time.

We went on a bike ride along the river by our apartment. After picking out the two most perfect bikes from the rental shop, we began to follow the skinny bike path, along with a dozen other Taiwanese people. It was a very warm day but it was great to be out and enjoying the weather. Our wonderful date ended with a stop by the Apple store and some delicious Cold Stone. What a perfect Saturday.

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