Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun Times In Taipei!

We are writing this blog from inside a little Tea House on Youth Street, which is next to a huge amazing park, drinking two huge ice coffees (by huge we mean bigger then a Starbucks Venti). Just so you know the ice coffee here beats any ice coffee we have had in America. Any who...

As we are thinking over all the great stories we could tell just from the last three days, we do not know where to start.

Here is a list of funny things we have discovered here in Taiwan
1. They play club music in nice stake houses. (Back Street Boys could rock my world forever)
2. Apparently, if you are going to walk 4 hours or more in a day... heels are still a must.
3. Microwaves are bo hau (not good) for your body.
4. 6 year old kids are brilliant.
5. Traffic laws are just a suggestion. (the lines on the road mean nothing, so speed up or get out of the way)
6. The locals consider Taipei to be a small city... I guess we are crazy to think 2.6 million people is on the larger scale, for a city. weird...

We love it here! It is pretty and the people are so nice.

We love you all and will post more later about our fun times. Please continue to pray for us and for all the people we will meet.

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Alex Hackett said...

it sounds like an amazing place! i will put you on my prayer list. glad you have the blog to keep us all in the loop. take it easy.